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Walkabout Universal Adapter with USB

Walkabout Universal Adapter

It is a high probability that all your electronics are dual voltage. (Look for 100-240V on the power supply.) If so, you have no need for a converter. USB ports are also important in today's world. Our Walkabout Universal Adapter features a clever design which contains all the major adapters on the planet as well as two high powered USB charging ports. Input power: 100~250V. USB Max. Output power: 5V DC ~ 2100mA. AC Max. Power: AC 125V~6A / AC 250V~3A. CE and ROHS approved for safety.

  • With the Walkabout Universal Adapter, you eliminate the need of bringing any other chargers for devices that charge with a USB port. Cell Phones, PDA, MP3/MP4 players, iPod, iPhone, iPad, travel speakers. Supports higher powered items like iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5 and iPad 4.
  • Even better, it has two USB power ports!
  • For AC Charging, use the plug for dual voltage laptops, netbooks, C-PAP machines. With a 100-250 volt output, you can use it anywhere on the planet Earth. (Additional adapters needed where India or South Africa plugs are needed. No worries -- we sell those.)
  • Can simultaneously charge devices through the USB and AC power sockets.
  • Has surge protection with safety shutout. Fuse protection as well.
  • Compact size, lightweight. Made of fire resistant materials.

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